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Is a heart attack at your desk the best exit strategy?

Timing is everything.   When to sell is an issue many business owners struggle with. While no one wants to sell too soon, a point in time can come when it’s just too late. This can depend on personal factors as well as the larger economy and business cycles.   The perfect conditions for selling […]

How we work

“Mergers and Acquisitions” sure sounds like a fancy phrase. That’s ironic, since what we do is very straightforward and plain. We simply help folks buy and sell title companies. How we work varies depending on the type of deal we are working on since title agencies come in all sizes. We are involved in deals as […]

What Makes a Great Letter of Intent?

Selling your title agency can be complicated. There are many ways to proceed. Determining the best way to go about things can be a daunting task! Experience has taught us that the best way to proceed usually involves a separation of high-level deal ‘structure’ versus ‘detail’. No one wants to waste time. Determining early on if all parties […]

Your Title Business Might Be Worth More Than You Think

No one wants to pay more taxes than they have to, yet everyone wants to maximize the value of their business. Business owners often put as many expenses on the business as possible in order to minimize “profits” and their associated tax liabilities. EBITDA, or Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization, is a measure […]

How to Determine the Best Group Health Insurance Strategy

By Will Morey, Senior Benefit Consultant, Benefit Commerce Group A recent Harris poll showed that 4 out of 5 American workers would rather receive a benefits upgrade than an increase in pay. A Randstad study revealed that 61% would take a job with a lower salary for a better benefits package. Your company’s health insurance plan […]

Who is Buying Title Agencies and Why?

Title agencies trade for many reasons.  Some sell to create efficiencies and better cope with rising costs of operations and compliance. Others sell simply because the owners are approaching retirement. Similarly, buyers come in all shapes and sizes. It only takes one buyer — the right buyer — to realize your dreams for the sale […]

An Open Note to our Followers

An open note to our clients and followers, I have been ASTONISHED at how much attention our recent blog article on toxic managers has attracted. I’m YOUR BOSS! Toxic manager and your margins We have had many questions about how risk can be mitigated and how we conduct ‘culture assessments’ so as to proactively minimize […]

I’m YOUR BOSS! Toxic managers and your margins

ProsperitasForward targets margins of 22% for all of our clients as a baseline. We increase that number where our client’s footprint is in states with high premiums, and decrease that number where our client operates in low premium states. Margins less than 15% are our biggest red flags. When margins are unimpressive, we like to […]

3 Title Sales Modules to Disrupt the Status Quo

Title 123 is a training program for Title Sales Professionals broken up into 3 actionable and easy to learn modules. Whether you are getting started selling Title or looking to learn new strategies that will keep you on top of your game, you are in the right place! This training is practical, relevant, and SPECIFIC […]

Do You Have The Right Cyber Coverage?

The only thing worse than being a fraud victim is finding out afterwards that your “cyber” coverage actually does not cover you the way you thought it did. Not all insurance policies are created equal, and unless you know what to ask for, your coverage may leave you empty handed. In the insurance world, the […]