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How long will this last?

For title agency owners, 2021’s most asked question is ‘how long will this last’? Some are concerned about staffing while others worry about missing their window of opportunity when the current seller’s market (for title agencies) becomes a buyer’s market. They want to make as much money as they can right now yet reap the […]

Earth Angels and Your Title Agency

Some believe there is more than enough for everyone, whereas others believe there will never be enough. I think we get to choose between mindsets–either abundance or scarcity. Those of us in the title business are contending with unprecedented times. Challenges abound. The health and safety of employees and customers are what most title agency […]

Nothing Ever Changes

I’ve been alive ever since I was born…I’m going to live forever! Flawed logic can only take one so far. My team and I sell and work with a lot of title companies and see many distinct behavior and attitude patterns. Some agency owners view the world like the guy who crashes his car into […]

Turk & Company Advises US Title on Acquisition by Shaddock National Holdings

Turk & Company is pleased to announce that our client U.S. Title has been acquired by Shaddock National Holdings, LLC. US Title, founded in 1980, is one of the leading full-service title agencies in Utah with 14 branches throughout the state. Shaddock National Holdings also operates Capital Title of Texas (the largest independent title agent in […]

Are Title Sales Reps Becoming Obsolete?

Do your title sales reps think a CD is something that plays music? Or that a PSA is a ‘Public Service Announcement’? The more title companies we sell, the more we learn about what buyers value most. How your reps perform is something that is not lost on buyers. They look. They care. A proper due diligence […]

$1.6 TRN of Dry Powder Desperately Seeking Healthy Companies

Private Equity Firms have amassed a $1.6 Trillion (yes, you read that right -Trillion) war chest of what they call ‘dry powder’. Dry Powder is a fancy term for committed investable cash. There is a mistaken perception that Private Equity will be using this capital to bail out companies that need life lines to help […]

The Market to sell a title company is stronger than we thought!

Panic, pandemic, pandemonium, doom and gloom…how is it that the FACTS we see in the title industry portray positivity when the media screams otherwise? I’m befuddled these days when reading the news about the real estate market (and title). Is there a hidden political agenda lurking between the words? Are the news outlets grandstanding hoping to […]

Choosing the righter wrong?

It’s so interesting how different companies react or respond (there is a difference) to COVID-19. This is a challenging time for title companies. Actions matter more than intentions or words. Does your firm embrace abundance or scarcity? Does your disaster plan include adequate cash reserves to save jobs? What’s adequate? Are you prepared enough? What’s […]

Sword of Damocles and Evolution in the Title Industry

Are we like Dionysius, hanging on by a thread? Everything is fine until it’s not. These are truly precarious times. In addition to the suffering and death COVID-19 has spawned, from a business perspective, our title world is forever changed. Aside from being inundated by emails from every vendor you’ve ever dealt with explaining how wonderful […]

What We Believe

We believe in small business and the value independent title agencies and underwriters bring to our communities and our country. We believe that both the buyer and seller should be better off because of a transaction we touch; that one plus one = three. The combination of two firms we pair must always be greater […]