Turk & Co is a title industry centric M&A firm with global reach offering merger, acquisition and strategic advisory services to those  looking to buy, sell or grow title businesses. We KNOW title. Our process always involves a thorough business evaluation by experienced title professionals (much more than simply looking at the P/L and financials). We work closely with our seller clients to understand their objectives and build the right strategy to achieve a successful and meaningful exit. The professionals at Turk & Company have decades of experience in helping business owners evaluate all aspects of the buy and sale process.

Turk & Company Process

Step 1 – Are you ready to sell?

Understand financial and nonfinancial goals, splits analysis, vendor analysis, P&L review, business and legal due diligence.

Step 2 – Prepare the company for the market

Valuation, financial projections, buyer analysis, comparable transactions.

Step 3 – Comprehensive, professional and discreet sale process

Buyer outreach, management presentations, negotiation and structuring of letter of intent.

Step 4 – Close the deal

Quarterback the process and work with lawyers, accountants, bank, buyer and seller to close.

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