What Buyers Consider When Evaluating a Title Agency: Business Mix


Challenges Facing Today’s Title Industry

WARNING: This article contains radical candor not customary in business By Howard Turk As if the high interest rate/low transaction volume storm facing the title industry was not enough, we are now grappling with headwinds stirred by politically motivated government agencies. My perspective on these challenges is unique, having witnessed......Continue reading

Fighting Words

There is a saying in the Boxing world that when your opponent hits you, you have two choices. The first is to collapse like a wet noodle, and the second is to hit them back, but harder. If they hit you again, come back out and hit them even harder.......Continue reading

Today’s Title M&A Market

“Yesterday’s gone Now all I want is a smile…..” -Neil Diamond WARNING: This article contains language which may be unsuitable for those unaccustomed to honesty in business communications. The changes we are seeing in the title M&A space these days fall into two buckets: technical and behavioral. The technical changes......Continue reading


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