Caution!!! Only hire Howard if you want someone with the highest intelligence, sophisticated understanding of the settlement services industry, creative ability to seek out and engineer new opportunities in this space, determination and persistence, along with a tremendous network of industry contacts and resources. He literally has no peer in this business. I have known Howard for 20 + years and can’t think of anyone better qualified than him to help drive your business forward, or arrange an exit sale of your agency. I always keep Howard’s phone # close at hand. He is one of my go-to resources in the title business. He should be in your Rolodex too.

Jim DufficyPresident of MRDP US (MunichRe Digital Partners)

We engaged ProsperitasForward and are very pleased with our progress. We approached our issues on two fronts: Revenue Growth and Operational Efficiency. Howard Turk came to know our organization by conducting interviews with our managers and staff, spending time in our various locations and studying the existing Company structure.

Their commitment to helping us change has been one of the driving forces behind our current success.

We are more than satisfied with ProsperitasForward and their team and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone looking for unique resources to help their business change, improve and grow.

Brian KlausPresident, Surety Title Company LLC

Our experience with Howard has shown that he can be counted on to consistently add value to our company through practical problem solving, leveraging of his robust and well connected network and through out of the box thinking. Howard has been a key component of our management team that has helped us navigate difficult situations, create innovative products and enhance the value proposition we offer to our customers. He’s been an extremely valuable resource that has played a central role in many of our most successful initiatives.

Eric MorganPresident, Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund

In  my twelve years in the title insurance industry, this is the first and  only sales training video I have seen specifically tailored to selling  title insurance. I think it is an excellent and comprehensive program  that will be valuable to both experienced title insurance salespeople  and newcomers. I highly recommend it to anyone currently working in  sales in the title insurance industry or anyone looking to get involved  in the industry. We have made it required viewing for all our  salespeople and new trainees.

Marc LawrencePartner, Executive Director NY Office and National Sales Manager, World Wide Land Transfer

Howard is one of the most dedicated professionals in the industry. In the years we have worked with Howard, he has always taken a proactive approach to doing business. Howard is a valuable resource who possesses high energy and who consistently brings innovative ideas to add value in any organization.

Operating Committee of BRPS Title.Brookfield (NYSE:BAM) JV

Having Jarrett present to the Tesla legal team was one of the best trainings we’ve ever done. Jarrett is a dynamic and highly engaging speaker that enlivens and inspires the room. Whether you are naturally predisposed towards mindfulness or whether you’ve never considered it or even tend to be dismissive of it, Jarrett made a meaningful connection with everyone. We all walked out of the room with real tools that made us less stressed, more productive, more engaged, and happier members of the team. And it was fun.

Todd MaronGeneral Counsel, Tesla Motors

Title sales is a highly rewarding career, but one filled with  ambiguities. Like so many complex challenges, title sales requires a  tightly defined process, well reasoned approaches, realistic  expectations and the willingness to work hard. Title 123 provides  everything but the work, but if you follow the process you will succeed.  This is without question the best sales training ever offered in title  sales, and offered at a price so low it should be considered a public  service. Do it!

Barry FlavinPrincipal, Barry Flavin Co

Selling  Title Insurance is all about people skills and relationships. Be  honest, sincere and “listen” with your prospects. Face time is critical  so get “out” there and be in front of your prospects. Network with  meaningful contacts and manage your time!

Dennis DovieBusiness Development, InfinityTitle Agency, Inc

I was introduced to Howard as an industry consultant that was willing and able to help our senior management team with the fine tuning of our organizational set-up and flow chart as we continued to grow. It didn’t take long to understand his stature in the industry and how large the network was that he was able to tap in to at an instance notice to give additional insight, support and direction. His pedigree in our world is one that has been developed over a number of decades in numerous roles. He seems to be able to integrate is legal background, he is an attorney too, and still blend a common sense approach with a legal one. In the end you will find him easy to talk to and deal with and also feel somewhat protected from a possible legal pitfall. You will also find him open and honest in your discussions with him.

One of Howard’s greatest assets is his ability to create a balance between the areas of sales and operations and not simply focus on one or the other. This has been a huge advantage for us and helped to develop our relationship more quickly. I would recommend this to anyone that is contemplating the use of his services — if you’re open to the inevitability of change, a call to him won’t cost you a dime, the long-term benefits of the relationship could be immense for you and your operation.

Thank you

Mark MyersChief Executive Officer, Meridian Title Corporation