Who Is Buying Title Agencies And Why?

Who Is Buying Title Agencies And Why?

Title agencies trade for many reasons.  Some sell to create efficiencies and better cope with rising costs of operations and compliance. Others sell simply because the owners are approaching retirement.

Similarly, buyers come in all shapes and sizes. It only takes one buyer — the right buyer — to realize your dreams for the sale of your title business!
Typical buyers include:

  1. Underwriters. Usually offer highest value, but recently we’ve seen lower offers because perception is that it’s a “buyer’s market.” This may or not be the case, depending on your company’s unique business.
  2. Agencies. Financially solid agencies with unused capacity and cash on hand to acquire smaller agencies.
  3. Strategic Buyers. Companies which create title business looking to bring that business in house:
    • Lenders
    • Realtors
    • Fix & flip
    • Relocation firms
    • Technology businesses
    • Builders
  4. Also think about. Companies wishing to grow their customer base through:Acquisition of new tech Geographic footprint Expanded product offerings / cross-selling

Many firms across the title industry and related industries are flush with cash due to new tax laws and a strong market — and they’re looking to spend that cash on acquisitions.
Turk & Company is the preeminent firm offering merger, acquisition and strategic advisory services to the title industry. Turk & Company offers securities via LoHi Securities, member FINRA/SIPC.

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