How We Work

How We Work

“Mergers and Acquisitions” sure sounds like a fancy phrase. That’s ironic, since what we do is very straightforward and plain. We simply help folks buy and sell title companies.

How we work varies depending on the type of deal we are working on since title agencies come in all sizes. We are involved in deals as small as 3-person title agencies all the way up to large agencies and underwriters with hundreds of employees.

We customize our approach based on the type of company we are dealing with.

  1. Smaller agents (usually 5 or fewer employees). We approach these in a manner similar to a recruiter and often only charge the buyer a success fee. Our role is often not more than fostering introductions to the right potential buyers/sellers. Our lower fees for these deals reflect our very limited role. Generally, the owner of these firms have the relationships which drive business in the door. That means a deal will likely have an earnout or some other contingent payment as a major component of the overall purchase.
  2. Mid-Sized agents (usually between 5 and 2O employees).  These work in a way similar to smaller agents in that we rarely engage in a full process. Instead we typically foster appropriate introductions and charge a purely contingent success fee only on closing.
  3. Full Process. A full process is appropriate for larger agencies or underwriters. Our steps are as follows:
    • STEP 1
      • Are you ready to sell? Understand financial and non- financial goals, splits analysis, vendor analysis, P&L review, business and legal due diligence.
    • STEP 2
      • Prepare the company for the market – valuation, financial projections, buyer analysis, comparable transactions.
    • STEP 3
      • Comprehensive, professional and discreet sale process – buyer outreach, management presentations, negotiation and structuring of letter of intent (subject to legal review – we are not lawyers for our clients).
    • STEP 4
      • Close the deal – quarterback the process and work with lawyers, accountants, bank, buyer and seller to close.

Information is power and options are always a good thing. The professionals at Turk & Company have decades of experience in helping business owners evaluate all aspects of the buy and sale process.

To learn more, please contact us at  or by phone at 310.294.9199.


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