Is A Heart Attack At Your Desk The Best Exit Strategy?

Is A Heart Attack At Your Desk The Best Exit Strategy?

Timing is everything.

When to sell is an issue many business owners struggle with. While no one wants to sell too soon, a point in time can come when it’s just too late. This can depend on personal factors as well as the larger economy and business cycles.

The perfect conditions for selling your business are when the following three elements are in place:

  1. There is a history of financial improvement in the business over the last few years, both in revenues and earnings.
  2. There is strong evidence that revenues and earnings will continue to increase in future years.
  3. Market conditions are such that the investment community believes there is good upside ahead.

Putting off selling involves risk. It’s easy to assume that your business will continue to grow, but what if events out of your control intervene?

  1. Recession or industry downturn
  2. Unexpected health issues
  3. Loss of key customers or management

Turk & Co is a title industry centric M&A firm with global reach that specializes in selling title companies, large and small. We take a hands-on approach to our client relationships, working closely with you to understand your objectives and build the right strategy for you to achieve a successful and meaningful exit.
The professionals at Turk & Company have decades of experience in helping business owners evaluate all aspects of the buy and sale process.

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