We believe:

  • In the value independent agencies bring to our country.
  • In helping independents grow and ensure they are treated fairly in the mergers and acquisitions process.
  • In leveling the playing field between Big Title and independents.
  • In supporting entrepreneurs.
  • That businesses can succeed by approaching clients and problems with a mindset of kindness and empathy.

About us:

Turk & Co is a title industry-centric M&A firm with global reach offering merger, acquisition and strategic advisory services to those  looking to buy, sell or grow title businesses.

Our process always involves a thorough business evaluation by experienced title professionals (much more than simply looking at the P/L and financials).

We work closely with our seller clients to understand their objectives and build the right strategy to achieve a successful and
meaningful exit.

The professionals at Turk & Company have decades of experience in helping business owners evaluate all aspects of the
buy and sale process.