3 Title Sales Modules To Disrupt The Status Quo

3 Title Sales Modules To Disrupt The Status Quo

Title 123 is a training program for Title Sales Professionals broken up into 3 actionable and easy to learn modules. Whether you are getting started selling Title or looking to learn new strategies that will keep you on top of your game, you are in the right place!

This training is practical, relevant, and SPECIFIC TO TITLE. It focuses on basics. There is no fluff. It works. It will teach you PRECISELY WHAT TO DO to sell title. The course is proven. It is as valuable to industry veterans as it is to newcomers.

The status quo says that  title reps must learn how to sell title via trial and error. They learn to do it right by first doing it wrong. Our decades of experience in the title industry, has taught us that there is a better way.

Look no further than Title123 if you are:

  1. Looking to learn new strategies to help you stay on top, or;
  2. Just starting out in title sales and looking to establish a system that will deliver substantial results quickly

Sell More Title. Period.

We know title, and our strategies can help you:

  1. Reach the people who want to buy from you
  2. Beat the competition every time
  3. Close larger deals that make you more money
  4. Keep making money long term

We abhor fluff and filler. Everything you need to know to make money in title sales is in Title123!

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ProsperitasForward, now Turk and Company, helps title companies and title agents find the hidden inefficiencies that stifle growth – then we solve them. With everything from focused audits and evaluations to structured sales strategies and mergers/acquisitions, we help you plan for growth and then execute.


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