Earth Angels And Your Title Agency

Earth Angels And Your Title Agency

Some believe there is more than enough for everyone, whereas others believe there will never be enough. I think we get to choose between mindsets–either abundance or scarcity.

Those of us in the title business are contending with unprecedented times. Challenges abound. The health and safety of employees and customers are what most title agency owners and operators worry about more than anything. At the same time, business has mostly been great–a windfall for many.

A big part of our work as an M&A firm involves getting to know the principals of the agencies we sell extremely well. I personally pay very close attention to culture. Without exception, the agencies we see who are the most ‘successful’ have incorporated a mindset of abundance into how they function. Choices unaccompanied by action tend not to mean much -and the best title agency owners ‘act’ in a way that demonstrates their view of the world and use ‘abundance’ wisely. That’s more than a subtlety, and something buyers always pick up on.

From a title agency perspective, there are many ways to make a mindset of abundance apparent. No one way is right or wrong.

There are a lot of excellent and virtuous charities out there and supporting them is wonderful. If abundance is your inclination, then I wanted to point out another option I am hoping you all will consider, namely helping what I call, ‘Earth Angels’, rather than simply writing tax deductible checks.

To me, an ‘Earth Angel’ is someone who selflessly helps others, spreads kindness, has compassion and strives to make a difference on Earth. This is not a path necessarily conducive to economic good fortune and we have found (by looking) that some folks who fit this description are very much in need of support. That involves financial assistance as well as a way to let them know that there are others out there who see their good work and want to help. These folks do not qualify as a ‘charity’. Typically, we connect with someone trustworthy we know in common and send help through that mutual connection so that it is anonymous to the recipient. ANONYMITY IS KEY. The win here is exponential in that we know those who receive these gifts will always find a way to ‘pay it forward’–it’s who they are as people.

I think we need more Earth Angels.

Paying it forward is not a new concept. We’re just doing this in a way that works for us.

Remember that giving back and promoting cohesion within your employee team are not at all inconsistent. What is good for the world can also be good for business. You can (and I think should) INVOLVE your team in a process such as an Earth Angel initiative. We may have different stories…but at the core we are the same. Your team may feel exactly as you do about this effort and may know people who fit the recipient bill perfectly. Think about what you can do to morale by making something like this a team effort!

Good morale lowers escrow losses, fends off recruiters and translates into a low employee turnover number. That in turn impacts the value of your business. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

I count my blessings every day and wish you all my best for a Happy Thanksgiving.

-Howard Turk


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