Are You Protecting Your Quarterback?

Are You Protecting Your Quarterback?

“The most important thing to remember is: to protect your quarterback – ME!”
-Paul Crewe (The Longest Yard)

Businesses grow and prosper because of the effort of the team.

We often see title agencies succeed in part due to heroic efforts of key employees (let’s call them ‘quarterbacks’).

A buyer of your agency wants to be sure they are getting what they are paying for. That means much more than simply a flow of orders. They want to know that your quarterback(s) will still be there the day after they close your deal.

The problem today is that most everyone is slammed with volume and need staff. That means your quarterbacks are being hunted by your competitors and recruiters ALL the time. As a title agency owner, how are you protecting your ‘star quarterbacks?’ What will you do if they leave? What has to happen to make them not want to take the inevitable call from a recruiter or competitor?

Remember, people leave managers, not jobs.

These are the top 3 things you as a title agency owner should do in order to protect your quarterback(s):

  1. Be Proactive! Do you know your QB?  Do you know what they want? Are they in the right spot and on the right path for them? Do you understand their career goals? Are they being challenged? Are they feeling heard and listened to?  Do they feel you believe in them?  Your QB is not going to take the call from a recruiter if they are excited about their future. Remember -this is NOT about comp.
  2. Job security /Value. Many QBs wonder whether they will be there when the music stops and volumes diminish. Do they understand how you are measuring them? In other words, do they feel their output is measured correctly and that they will be deemed valuable when the next down-turn arrives?  They want to know that you know that they are overdelivering.
  3. Does your QB feel you care about them? Do you check in on them and show concern? The pandemic and working remotely is mentally hard on many people. Your QB can have a lot more going on in their lives beyond their job (i.e.  kids home from school, sick family etc.) Now more than ever title agency owners should know their stars on a personal level and show concern for them as people.

Shameless Super Bowl Commercial: Our Advisory Services division designs and implements growth strategies for title agencies always commencing with a focused assessment, which includes a cultural component. We can help foster growth, improve margins, and position you in the best light possible for a sale.

-Howard Turk


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