Consulting Firm Wants To Push Title Industry Forward

Consulting Firm Wants To Push Title Industry Forward

‘Published in The Title Report’

A new title centric consulting firm is offering title agents a unique service with the singular goal of increasing profits. The firm focuses on three core competencies critical to success across the title industry: sales, process engineering and culture development. The team is built of highly experienced title industry veterans who want to help small and midsized independent title agencies prosper, according to its announcement.

ProsperitasForward, based in Los Angeles, can help title agents nationwide, according to President Howard Turk in part by bringing big business standards to small business. He told The Title Report the business was born out of a desire to help small to mid-sized family owned businesses grow.

“We believe, with guidance, they can compete better with the big companies,” he said. “With the right direction and steering we can help them level the playing field.”

The firm is made up of four professionals, each with their own focus.

Howard Turk is an author, lawyer and title industry strategist with more than 30 years of experience fostering growth within the real estate and title insurance sectors. He has nationwide and international executive-level industry experience spanning every facet of the real-estate and settlement/title industries.

Tish Bush has 25 years of experience in the industry with a primary focus on process engineering. She has mentored large, national title companies with hiring, training and leading all aspects of operations. She has also worked for title agents launching new divisions, re-building operations and managing the closure of offices. Bush focuses on operations assisting with ALTA assessments, compliance and active remediation.

Ken Manqueros has 20 years of experience working for First American Title as a senior sales management professional, and served as president of the national agency division. He and Turk focus on the firm’s title-centric sales training program called Title123.

“We manage the sales process, and if they have sales managers we work with them,” Turk said. “In some cases we serve in lieu of a sales manager.”

“It’s very practical and relevant,” Turk said. “We don’t give you a training program and say, ‘here you are, you are on your own.’ We help build an organized and proper sales team so that the owners get the most out of them. We work very closely with the sales reps and help coach them. We set up an environment of accountability and transparency. We have a bunch of methodologies that are exceptionally successful and an unusual process which produces immediate results.”

Jarrett Green is an expert in stress-reduction techniques and culture-building in high-stress environments. He helps companies improve morale and manage stress in order to overcome the many mistakes, performance inefficiencies, and business losses resulting from unmanaged stress and culture problems.

“What Jarrett does is really quite remarkable,” Turk said. “He shows our clients how to build a high performance culture, where the employees are invested in the company mission. It helps title agents get the most out of their staff and gives them a unified vision. These improvements produce tangible and astonishing financial results, as well as happier employees.

“We’re trying to build a different kind of company,” he continued. “We’ve all had careers helping big companies get bigger. We believe in small business so we are motivated to help independents compete with those (large) guys by giving them the right information and the right guidance.”

The firm also is partnered with Pinnacle Creative to help agents with their websites and marketing, and Mandrien for title insurance licensing. There is also an on-call CEO program available where owners of title agencies can call with urgent issues at any time.

“It’s just a matter of leveraging our lifetime of experience,” Turk said. “We have this skillset. We have this level of experience. We want to share it.”


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