FSBO The Creepy Title Clown

FSBO The Creepy Title Clown

FSBO the creepy title clown

Everyone knows the pitfalls of a FSBO deal in a residential buy-sell. Studies show that FSBOs sell for less, spend more time on the market and often are beset with problems that just don’t happen when a professional is involved.

Why would anyone think selling a title agency is any different?

A properly licensed Investment Banker who truly understands your business adds value beyond just sourcing a buyer via their proprietary network of Underwriters, Private Equity Investors and other Independents.

You also get:

  1. Improved economic and business terms. This flows from:
    1. Credibility in knowing private market valuations and typical deal structures,
    2. Credibility of being a professional team that buyers know they can’t “get one over on”,
    3. Holding buyers accountable in terms of REAL EBITDA, industry-recognized add-backs etc.,
    4. The real or perceived threat that a professional Investment Bank can approach other buyers,
    5. Analysis and review of term sheets/LOI to make sure very little is “left to chance”
  1. Working alongside your firm post term sheet/LOI. The value add flows from:
    1. Holding buyers accountable during the legal due diligence and QoE (quality of earnings) phase of the transaction.
    2. Keeping the deal on track by coordinating between lawyers, accountants, buyer, seller….etc.
    3. Holding seller’s other professionals accountable (lawyers, accountants) in terms of quality and timing of deliverables.
    4. Helping organize and maintain the electronic data room.
    5. Allowing the business owner to continue to focus on the business and not be distracted by the transaction (which is a full time job).

No wonder then that a recent study showed that 100% of business owners who sold their business with the help of an investment banker said the Investment Banker added value (69% even said the value added was ‘significant’).

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Turk & Co is a title industry centric M&A firm with global reach that specializes in selling title companies, large and small. We take a hands-on approach to our client relationships, working closely with you to understand your objectives and build the right strategy for you to achieve a successful and meaningful exit.
The professionals at Turk & Company have decades of experience in helping business owners evaluate all aspects of the buy and sale process.


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