Should Title Agency Owners Believe In Santa Claus?

Should Title Agency Owners Believe In Santa Claus?

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
When all through the Agency
The printers were whirring
While sellers sat impatiently.

The closer scans docs to the lender with care
In hopes that their funding number soon would be there.

The realtors asked rudely what the funder had said,
While visions of commission checks danced in their heads.

The closer had yet to finish shopping and needed to leave
‘What’s the risk?’ she says, being oh-so naive. 
She tells everyone they’re set, giving out the checks and the keys. 
On their merry way they go filled with joy and jubilee.  

At the desk of the lender there arose such a clatter
As they try to explain to the loan officer a quite unfortunate matter.
Together they pore over the report from Equifax
And realize they have to tell the closer to stop in her tracks.

You see the borrowers’ had been swiping their credit cards with glee
All just so they could put gifts under their new roof and perfectly flocked tree.
The lender emails and calls again and again
Only to receive an out of office reply and a full voicemail bin. 

The lender has no choice but to recall their wire
All while the title and escrow officers sit with their families by the fire.

The employees return surprised to see the Agency owner is there
With a furrowed brow, an attorney and a look of despair.
He says “Thank you all, we’ve put up a good fight,
I’m sorry to say we will close for good this New Year’s Eve night”.

So many title agency owners do not realize that every deal they do could be the one that sinks them…and that Santa Claus (or your E&O insurer) may not show up to save the day.

Sound far fetched? Guess again. If you had a million dollar loss today would you be able to cover it?

Is it time to look into what’s involved in selling your agency?

We can help.

The professionals at Turk & Company have decades of experience in helping business owners evaluate all aspects of the buy and sale process.

Turk & Co is a title industry centric M&A firm with global reach that specializes in selling title companies, large and small. We take a hands-on approach to our client relationships, working closely with you to understand your objectives and build the right strategy for you to achieve a successful and meaningful exit.

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